Tony Tung is Everybody’s Best Friend

The podcast that wants to be your pal.

Because I’m on the journey to becoming a better friend, I decided to talk to my good friends about what it is that makes a good friend. Sometimes, a friend and I will talk about specific “tips”, like how to make friends and maintain friendships. Other times, we just talk about what friendship really means.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you find it useful and entertaining, but it’s ultimately for me to learn about why my friends are such good friends. 🙂

You can check it out on iTunes or using the RSS feed.

Opening theme: “Happy Rock” by Ben Sound
Closing theme: “Feelin’ Good” by Purple Planet

Don’t forget to let me know what you think. I’m on Twitter at @tonytung.

The Bachelorette Diaries – Season 11

Are you a huge fan of The Bachelorette? I’m not.

This podcast was just a result of Mark Blancaflor, Jodie Mak and I wanting to see if we had anything worth saying. Sound quality was sub-par (but got better with each episode?). We started about half-way in, which made it easier to keep up the commitment and allowed us to jump in after some of the riffraff was already eliminated (but not this joker).

I think it turned out okay and gave us some encouragement to do more work like this. Give The Bachelorette Diaries a listen and let me know what you think.

You can listen to The Bachelorette Diaries here.