Wet floors

If the floor is wet, better put out a sign to warn people so they’ll careful.

And if the floors will be wet every day, better yet put the sign out every day.

Even better still, if you want people to be careful every day, put the sign out every day even when the floors are not wet.

Everyone will be careful all the time. At first.

Tony Tung is Everybody’s Best Friend

The podcast that wants to be your pal.

Because I’m on the journey to becoming a better friend, I decided to talk to my good friends about what it is that makes a good friend. Sometimes, a friend and I will talk about specific “tips”, like how to make friends and maintain friendships. Other times, we just talk about what friendship really means.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you find it useful and entertaining, but it’s ultimately for me to learn about why my friends are such good friends. 🙂

You can check it out on iTunes or using the RSS feed.

Opening theme: “Happy Rock” by Ben Sound
Closing theme: “Feelin’ Good” by Purple Planet

Don’t forget to let me know what you think. I’m on Twitter at @tonytung.

The Bachelorette Diaries – Season 11

Are you a huge fan of The Bachelorette? I’m not.

This podcast was just a result of Mark Blancaflor, Jodie Mak and I wanting to see if we had anything worth saying. Sound quality was sub-par (but got better with each episode?). We started about half-way in, which made it easier to keep up the commitment and allowed us to jump in after some of the riffraff was already eliminated (but not this joker).

I think it turned out okay and gave us some encouragement to do more work like this. Give The Bachelorette Diaries a listen and let me know what you think.

You can listen to The Bachelorette Diaries here.